What If The Price Seems Too Good To Be True

What If The Price Seems Too Good To Be True

What If The Price Seems Too Good To Be True

Continuing on the theme of the recent spate of rigging accidents in the news, we thought we might start the New Year with some thoughts along the lines of “you get what you pay for” and present a rogue’s gallery of questionable staging machinery and rigging installations.

We’re all very much aware that the current economic climate is tough and the market is driving prices and margins in a decidedly downward direction, and it seems that in such a climate, basic engineering practice and safety can get ignored in the interests of getting the very cheapest price.

Competition should be about driving innovation, both technically and commercially, and while we never like losing a bid on a prospective job, when your competitor finds a more innovative technical solution, or comes up with a more efficient way of sourcing good quality components and installing a machine, then you need to graciously concede defeat and look to trumping them on the next bid.

When competition becomes a contest to see who can cut the most corners and offer a price which is so low as to seem too good to be true, then you need to ask yourself exactly what you’ll be getting.

There is a baseline cost to doing a job right and doing it safely, no matter who is bidding. Experienced and qualified site staff, good quality components, experienced engineering & design, supervision, quality control and 3rd party professional certification all costs money, and if you’re asking yourself “what are they leaving out to do it so cheap?” then the answer is generally some, if not all of the aforementioned items.

So, on that note, to start the New Year off, let’s have a look at a few examples of what you can get for your dollar when you ignore all the warning signs and accept that bid that is half the price of any other.

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