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Need to book an item in for repair?


Planning to visit the Service Department?

It is highly recommended that you contact the Service Department before your intended visit. This way, we can issue you a job number for your repair, and you can simply drop your repair off at our goods inwards spot, and immediately be on your way. We can prepare your spare parts order, which will be ready for collection when you arrive. We can locate your completed repair before you arrive, meaning you don’t need to wait around whilst it is located. When you advise us of your intended visit, it will save your valuable time.

If you arrive without contacting us first, you may be subject to lengthy delays, as you will be required to complete a service request form and wait for a job number to be issued. If you require spare parts, without prior notice, searching for parts both on the computer and in the warehouse make take quite some time to complete. We can also locate your complete repair, which can take some time to locate if we have no notice.

The Service Department operates from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.15am and 5.15pm.


About the Jands Service Department

The activities of the Jands Service Department involve the repair, servicing, and upgrading of Jands supplied products. It is also a source for spare parts and repair advice. We Provide:

  • Warranty repairs and maintenance of all imported and manufactured products sold in Australia by Jands.
  • Speaker reconing, moving lights rebuilds & maintenance, electronic repair of lighting desks, dimmers and console equipment, repairs and tuning of wireless audio systems, amplifier repairs, analogue and digital audio signal processors, onsite maintenance and repair of staging, lighting and audio equipment.
  • Spare parts for imported and manufactured products sold in Australia by Jands. 


Manufacturer Certified Services

JBL - Shure - Crown - Soundcraft - VARI*LITE - ETC - JANDS


Booking your item in for service or repair

You must obtain a “Call / Return Number” to have your equipment serviced or repaired. Equipment which arrives without a call number will experience significant delays and may be returned unrepaired if insufficient information is supplied.

Click here to find out how to obtain a Call / Repair Number.


Checking on your service or repair

When calling to check on a service or repair, please ensure you have the following information at hand:

Your Call / Repair Number
Product Details: Brand and Model

Without this information, it can be very difficult and time consuming to search for your job to be able to advise you of the progress.  


Contact Details

If you require advice regarding an item that may need service, please contact:

If you require a job number (RA/RMA), please complete the online request form here, complete a service request form, or email We discourage calling Jands with your repair, as it can be more time consuming for you if we cannot locate your serial number.

If you require assistance with Spare Parts, whether you have part number, or require assistance with finding a part by description, email Spare Parts:

Whilst we do like to speak to you, due to a high number of calls coming through the department, please check through the Service Department FAQ’s before calling, as a lot of common questions and answers can be found there.

Jands Service
Building C, 40 Kent Road
Mascot NSW 2020

Phone: (02) 9582 0909
Fax: (02) 9582 0950

Jands Service Building 

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