How to Package Goods

Ideally all repairs should be returned in original sale packaging. If unavailable, repairs should be repackaged with the minimum requirements as follows:

  • Call / Repair Number must appear on outside of carton and on product.

  • Floated road case or stiff cardboard carton.

  • Packaging tape should be used to reinforce seams in cartons and to close packages.

  • Bubble wrap, styrofoam beads or similar cushioning material should be tightly packed around the unit. The carton should be completely filled so as not to allow any movement within case or carton during transit.

  • Do not send any accessories unless they are suspected to be the cause of fault (e.g. power supply, earphones, cables, etc).

  • Anything flexible should be reinforced with stiff card before packaging.

  • Anything fragile should be clearly labelled “FRAGILE”.

  • Anything over 20kg should be marked “HEAVY”.

  • All incoming repairs are to be correctly addressed, stating Call / Repair Number on the outer carton. Please use the following address: 
    Jands Service
    Dock 6, Building C, 40 Kent Road
    Mascot NSW 2020

  • Any old freight stickers should be removed before shipping, including remnants of consignment notes and destination labels.

  • If your item arrives without a Call / Repair Number, and without the Service Request Form, your item will be subject to an investigation fee. We will endeavour to book your repair, however, if we cannot get the information required, we will send your item back to you without repair.


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