Premium Contract


  • Includes for the undertaking of an initial Condition Audit listing the type, location and condition of all the equipment to be regularly maintained.
  • Includes for the provision of any parts required for the undertaking of the regular maintenance.
  • Includes for the provision of regular scheduled maintenance for an agree to list of equipment as identified in the Condition Audit. Routine maintenance is to be undertaken during normal working hours at scheduled intervals.
  • Includes for the provision of telephone support up a maximum stated time at no charge (say up to 2 hours). Additional telephone support time will be charged at a stated rate.
  • Includes for the provision of four (4) 8 hour training modules (Topic to be advised in consultation with the client). Additional training modules available at an additional cost.
  • Includes for the repair of ad hoc faults on any on site equipment during the next available working day at no additional cost.
  • Includes for the repair of ad hoc faults on any on site equipment outside of normal working hours if requested. A fee structure is applicable for onsite attendance commensurate with response time requested (2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours).
  • Include for the provision of all necessary parts required to service ad hoc faults at no additional cost (Subject to Condition Audit).
  • The client can for an additional fee commission a supplementary Condition Audit for any other lighting, audio or staging equipment not included within the agreed to scope of the Silver Service Contract. 
  • Contract to remain valid for one (1) year and is then renewed on a yearly basis (subject to a Condition Audit).



  • Any critical fault identified in the yearly Condition Audit in the equipment listed as included in the scope of the Silver Service Agreement must be rectified. Jands will provide a competitive quotation if required.


Please email us for a quote.


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