Ampetronic Installer Training


Ampetronic Installer Training

Hearing loss is becoming more prevalent in our society today, in fact 22% of the Australian population over 15 years of age have a measurable hearing loss. In addition, the introduction of new legislation requires the installation of hearing augmentation in venues and facilities.

This course is installer-focussed, and provides the information to understand and apply the relevant standards, the process to assess and environment for suitability, and provide a basic introduction to understand audio frequency induction loop basics.

The installation of a specified and designed system is covered, including both perimeter and array loop types. The process for commissioning, testing and certification of induction loops, and troubleshooting the most common problems is also addressed.

The topics covered in the course include:

  • Hearing Loop General Awareness
  • Standards of Operation
  • Site Assessment & Testing Procedures
  • Practical Exercise Site Assessment
  • Installing Loops
  • Interpreting Design Drawings
  • Loop(s) Construction Techniques
  • Practical Exercise Create a Low Loss Phased Array
  • Commissioning a Hearing Loop
  • Practical Exercise Commission & Certify a System
  • Good Practise & Fault Finding

Ampetronic have produced a one hour introductory seminar, which is required viewing prior to attending the Installer Training course. See to either join a live webinar at one of the listed times, or view a pre-recorded webinar at a time of your choosing.


Presenter: Scott Harrison, Technical Representative (Commercial Audio), TRG

Scott Harrison

Bio: Scott Harrison brings more than 12 years' experience in the audio industry, including senior engineering and systems engineer roles in major productions such as Carols in the Domain, Australia Day Celebrations, and many product launches, awards shows, festivals, touring shows and everything in between. Scott holds a degree in Computer Engineering, which combined with his past experience in the commercial IT world, provides a unique combination of expertise and experience perfectly suited to modern audio DSP and IP-based solutions.

Session Dates

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