Jands Introduces Charges For Training Schools

Jands has been providing formal industry training seminars since 2013. Since that time the number and popularity of our training seminars has steadily grown. Records for the early years are unreliable, but we do know that since May 2014 we have run 391 courses and trained more than 3,200 students. Our instructors have racked up thousands of kilometres as we take the training seminars to locations in Australia and New Zealand.

As demand has grown, we have reached a point where most of our training seminars reach capacity well before the scheduled date. For these full sessions we put in place a “wait list” where those on this list hope for an attendee cancellation in order to secure a place in the seminar. Unfortunately, we also find there is an attendee “no show” or two per session which leads to frustration for all involved, especially those on the wait list that could have taken that seat.

As you know, Jands training seminars have to date been free of charge to attendees and delivered as a service to our industry. However, as the demand for these training seminars grows, so do the costs. Charges for venue rental and catering are increasing along with and associated travel costs for our instructors. Frankly it has become unsustainable and something must change. Our options were to either cut back on training or introduce charges to partially offset the rising overheads. Given the seemingly ever-growing demand for classes, reducing the number of sessions seemed impractical so we have decided to introduce registration charges for our training seminars. Commencing July 2019, all formal training seminars delivered by Jands will attract a registration charge.

This fee has been introduced to partially offset the direct expenses associated with delivering the seminars and to help ensure attendance from those that have reserved a spot. The registration charge will vary per seminar, ranging from $95.00 for our more regular seminars through to $250.00 each for more specialised courses. Payment will be required at the time of booking and can be paid directly via credit card or via pre-purchased training credits.

What happens if you need to cancel your attendance? We understand that plans sometime need to change to support business priorities and will honour refunds / re-issue training credits if written notification is received within two business days of the training session commencing. This will allow us time to contact people on the wait list and/or adjusting venue capacity.

For further information please contact us here.

Kind regards,

Jeff MacKenzie

Jands Pty Ltd | Applications Engineering & Training Manager