Jands Service News. Volume 1 / Issue 1


These days everything from microphones to speakers to lights are constantly improved through software updates. It is important to regularly check the manufacturers websites for updates. If you have questions of need assistance with updates, contact the service department.


Our service department is available to repair and maintain products distributed by Jands. We have two locations:

Jands Sydney: 40 Kent Road, Mascot, NSW 2020

Jands Melbourne: 11/21 Sabre Drive, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

All repairs can be sent to Sydney and those requiring the expertise of our technician in Melbourne will be transshipped there. However, to save time:

Other items for repair can be taken to our Melbourne facility if it is more convenient. 

Send Shure Wireless and Clear-Com repairs to Melbourne service department

Other items for repair can be taken to our Melbourne facility if it is more convenient and likewise will be either handled in-house or transshipped to Sydney.


Sufficient airflow is important to the correct operation of many products. This is especially evident with HID moving lights where high operating temperatures exist and lamp life and electronics can be compromised as a result of clogged filters and poorly maintained fans. Make sure that during your regular maintenance cycle filters are cleaned or replaced, fan blades cleaned and any dirt or dust removed.

Other electronic products may also suffer from prolonged suffocation, electrolytic capacitors especially can suffer, decreasing the overall usable life of the product.

Make sure products with cooling fans are regularly checked and cleaned.


Does the sound cut out occasionally in your earphones?

First course of action is to check the cable/earphone connection and to ensure the tubes and filters are clear of wax and residue. Sweat and body oils can get into the connection causing it to tarnish. Try cleaning it with some isopropanol or methylated spirit using a small piece of paper towel wrapped around a toothpick. Also be sure to clean the cable end using the same materials and method.

After this, reconnect the earpieces. If one side still doesn’t work, swap the earpieces around on the cable to determine if both earpieces work. If not, the cable will be at fault and this is a relatively cheap replacement. If the set is still faulty after this please contact the service department about having the faulty earpiece replaced.


BIAMP Product Updates:

• Updated – Tesira SW/FW 3.11 and Canvas SW 3.11 download links
• Updated – Tesira 3.11 release notes
• Updated – SageVue 2.0 release notes

ROBE Product Updates:

Please visit www.robe.cz/support to find the latest software for your fixture, these contain improvements to the operation of your lights and, in some cases, not updating will void warranty claims.


BIAMP Support:

Many Biamp equipment faults can be diagnosed and corrected without having to remove equipment from an installation, in fact keeping the suspected faulty gear connected as part of a system can help diagnose the problem more effectively. So before removing any faulty gear from a BIAMP installation, please do one of the following:

1. Complete the online form here or call our Support team on 02 9582 0909.
2. Once a fault is verified and diagnosed as not being able to be repaired remotely, you will be advised of the next steps.

ROBE Spare Parts Support:

When preparing to inquire about or order parts for ROBE fixtures, it can be very useful to use a fantastic free resource provided by ROBE at: www.spares.robe.cz
This site includes breakdowns of all ROBE fixtures showing photographs and part numbers of all items available for a particular light. It not only saves time but ensures that the correct item will be quoted and ordered.

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