Robe T1 – Premium Engineering and Performance in All Track Conditions

Owning a high performance sports car has many pleasures; being able to go from 0 to 100 kmh in less than three seconds, knowing you’re driving some of the finest engineering on the planet, and being wined, dined, and professionally photographed before driving hotlaps in your car at a racetrack.
This is how a prestige manufacturer recently rewarded its loyal customers at The Bend, South Australia’s premium motorsport destination. Customers had their cars transported to Adelaide Airport, drove them 100km to the track, then revelled in the finest hospitality before testing their driving prowess and their car’s performance under professional conditions.

The One

A prestige marque and customer base demands the finest quality production at their functions, so premium AV provider Scene Change were hired to make sure the night was a success. In turn, they relied on the Robe T1 Profile to provide rich room looks, accurate and repeatable framing, ultimate flexibility, and unparalleled ease of deployment at the welcome dinner on the first day of the event.

Much like the automotive masterpieces on show, the Robe T1 is engineered to be a high performance, low weight, beautiful machine suitable for all conditions. The T1 provides a high CRI of 90+, a framing system essential for corporate and theatre, minus green for working with cameras, 2700K to 8000K CCT, and a 7° - 49° zoom range, all while outputting 10,075 lumens and weighing in at just 24.3 kg.

The Workhorse

On the night, eight Robe T1s provided tightly focussed framed looks highlighting the long table centres and runners, eventually opening out to rich, haze-filled room looks. The T1’s flexibility ensured that lighting states for arrival, presentation and speeches, video playback, and break-up gobo ambience were rendered with beautiful colours, unobtrusive industrial design, and silent operation.

The Horsepower

“Before we invested in the Robe T1s, we benchmarked them against the requirements of our company’s regular work,” explains Scene Change Head of Lighting Matt Britten. “The Robe T1s came out on top in almost every element. Our market requires small, quiet, lightweight fixtures with fast, tight, and accurate shutters that produce rich, deep colours. A lot of our events are held in venues with low or restricted headroom and tight weight limits. At 23kg, the T1 works perfectly in those environments.”

On The Track

Nikolas Carr, lighting programmer and operator for Scene Change at the event, is impressed with the consistency of the T1’s field of light. “The T1’s field is the flattest that I’ve ever seen,” relates Nikolas. “We tested them before deployment across the entire colour spectrum, and could not find a bright or dull spot, even at full zoom. The flatness of their field means we can spread light everywhere at an event like this and not worry that anyone is sitting in a hotspot. The T1s not only have the output we were looking for, they do exactly what we need.”

On The Winner’s Podium

Robe engineered the T1 from the ground-up to be The One; the only light you need across broadcast, touring, theatre, and corporate. It can also be fitted with Robe’s remote controlled RoboSpot system, adding even more potential for return on investment.
“It’s tough in the corporate lighting world to find a fixture that does everything, because no light does everything really well,” concedes Matt. “However, Robe have given it a red-hot go, and the T1 ticks all the boxes. It does what it does really well, and is rock-solid. I’m thoroughly impressed.”