Prefer not to touch a shared touchscreen in your office meeting room?

Mira Connect Me Touchless AV Control

Mira Connect Me Touchless AV controlAveo Systems’ Mira Connect™ is an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use audio-visual touchscreen control system for conference rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls, and other spaces. Our new Mira Connect Me™ patent-pending touchless AV control technology extends the Mira Connect control system by allowing you to quickly and securely control your audio-visual system from your own personal smartphone, tablet, and computer.

You can gain access to the Mira Connect user interface on your device in seconds without touching the Mira Connect panel in the room and without needing to install an application on your personal device.

The easy-to-use Mira Connect Me control feature makes conference rooms more usable and encourages safe and secure collaboration. Participants who are uncomfortable using a shared touchscreen in a room, or simply want additional flexibility, can now enjoy the Mira Connect user interface securely and safely on their own devices.

To see a short video of Mira Connect Me in action click here.


The Mira Connect user interface is accessed by scanning a QR code. Once the code is recognised, your device’s browser will open automatically and show the Mira Connect user interface. You have access to all of the Mira Connect’s control functions, such as one-touch audio and video dialing, launching Zoom, Cisco, and Poly video calls, selecting video sources, controlling volume, positioning cameras, and more.

To help our customers navigate through these difficult times, Mira Connect Me is available to all Mira Connect users through May of 2021 regardless of whether they have an active Mira Portal subscription.


Using the QR Code

For users with a QR code reader or whose camera application supports reading QR codes, simply position your personal device so the QR code is visible within the borders of the QR code reader or camera application.

With recent Apple iPhone and iPad versions, you start the camera application and point the camera with its built-in QR scanner at the Mira Connect touch panel’s QR code. Samsung device owners can enable their camera’s QR scanner by navigating to the Samsung browser Settings, then selecting Useful Features, and turning on the QR scanner.

Apple devices using the camera application may show a “Website QR Code” dialog once the QR code is recognized. Tap on the dialog on your device to continue to show the Mira Connect user interface in Safari.

Once the QR code is recognized, the browser on your device opens and automatically shows the room’s Mira Connect user interface.

Unlike other ‘touchless’ remote solutions based on QR codes that superficially may seem similar, Mira Connect Me includes many built-in security measures, including having to be in the room to see the code, frequent code changes, sessions that expire automatically, and limits on the number of sessions.

It runs in the cloud, so you don’t need to deal with the complications associated with granting guests access to your company network for access.


As organizations implement strategies for a safe return to their workplaces, Mira Connect Me provides a solution for quick, easy, and secure touchless AV control in conference rooms, meeting spaces, lecture halls, and any room that has an audio-visual system. Mira Connect provides a consistent user experience for end users who want to control AV equipment from a variety of different manufacturers and do not want to pay for expensive custom programming.

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