Introducing The Furman CN3600SE

How many times have you received that dreaded call where a client’s site has been hit by a power outage or power fluctuation which has caused equipment like routers, switches, AV, HVAC, intercoms and the control system to reboot, lose network connectivity/responsiveness, or worst of all, a sustained an overvoltage or a transient surge that has damaged equipment?

While the importance of power conditioning products are easily overlooked in many of our system designs, it is something that should be considered because it could potentially be the difference between not needing to go to site, a simple service call or a major system rebuild. 

When specifying a power conditioning solution there are a range of things we need to consider including:

  • Do we want to deploy a non-sacrificial solution that is designed to handle multiple surges and sustained over voltages without failing, or should we deploy a cheaper sacrificial solution that will degrade over time and ultimately burn out if subjected to a sustained over voltage leading to a service call.
  • Do we want to get the best performance and life expectancy out of all the attached AV equipment in the system?This would include minimizing line noise to get the optimal audio and video reproduction out of your client’s equipment.
  • Do you need sequencing so routers and network equipment can be powered up and given time to boot up, stabilize and ensure the DHCP server is active before networkable sources are powered up, then once these are online and stable the control system is powered up so everything works properly when mains power is lost.
  • Do we need to be able to remotely turn power devices on and off locally and remotely to:Conserve power when the client is away
  • Power cycle devices that have locked up to save on a service call
  • Provide a scheduled power cycle to pre-empt a device slowing down or locking up over time.
If the answer to these points is yes, then a solution like the Furman CN-3600SE would be a perfect fit.  


Features and technologies

The Furman CN-3600 SE is packed full of features and technologies to help provide a solid foundation for any of your systems and these include:

Power sequencing:

Enables set time delays to be defined when the sequencer is turned on or power is restored to a site. By doing this it ensures all the products within the rack are powered up in a way ensuring the network is up and stable before bringing sources and the control systems online. By doing this you can avoid a situation where some devices have limited or no network/internet connectivity leading to a customer support call, customers complaining that your solution is unreliable or devices needing to be power cycled.

RS232 Control:

The CN3600SE is RS232 controllable which enables any of the three sequenced banks to be turn on, off or cycled independently, as well as sequencing the unit on / off. The CN3600SE can also be queried for voltage, Current, Power, Power VA.

In a non-control based systems, a Furman BB-232 Bluebolt module can be added to also provide remote cloud based control over the CN-3600S E and any attached equipment.


Furman’s exclusive non-sacrificial Series Multistage Protection (SMP) Technology prevents equipment downtime by monitoring and quickly reacting to extreme line voltage conditions. SMP protection is designed to withstand voltages of 6000 Volts and 3000 Amps without sustaining damage. As the name implies, there are multiple stages of protection which are designed to shield connected equipment from line hazards.


Furman’s Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT™) employs a finely tuned lowpass filter to reduce the differential AC noise coming through your line. What is significant about Furman’s filtering is that it reduces the AC noise in a linear fashion across a very wide bandwidth. Prior filtering schemes (such as those found in most AC conditioners) reduce noise unevenly, creating a noise attenuation curve that resembles a roller coaster. This is akin to a poor job of equalizing a recording.

With Furman’s LiFT, differential AC noise is reduced linearly, across a very wide bandwidth extending into the video frequencies. This results in a lower noise floor for your audio system, improved picture on your video display, and protection from possible data corruption and losses caused by low-level differential AC noise fed into digital systems.


Transient spikes and ground contamination are not the only problems faced by today’s sensitive electronics. There are also sustained over-voltage conditions, sometimes called extreme voltages. Many surge suppression devices will not be able to protect equipment from sustained over-voltages. These conditions can occur for multiple reasons. For example, a power pole may be damaged during a storm or accident.


Furman SmartSequencing™ is a communication technology that allows CN3600S to be linked together and controlled up to distances of 300 meters.  SmartSequencing devices can be chained together to form a network of sequencers. A maximum of 99 SmartSequencers can be linked together to form a SmartSequencing network that spans a distance of 30 KM (18.2 Miles)!

SmartSequencing devices can be connected together without regard for polarity, wire type, and environmental noise. It is an extremely forgiving technology. Although we recommend solid twisted pair for best results, virtually any wire size and type can be used over short distances without concern for signal degradation

Key based security:

To add security to your installation, by default the CN-3600SE has a key based sequencing switch that enables only authorized people to power up and power down the rack from the front panel. This key initiates the power on and off sequences making it easy for an untrained client to power cycle the rack in the correct order to ensure all the products come on in the correct order.

Resettable circuit breakers for each bank

Help protect against the whole rack being shut down when one of the banks is overloaded or a product fails.

Peace of mind with a 15 Year warranty

As more and more products move to a network / cloud based control base platform the importance of a stable network and power infrastructure is paramount in ensuring a reliable solution and less headaches for your clients and you.

While in many applications a UPS solution is the ideal way of protecting your network infrastructure from power outages and fluctuations, a solution like the CN-3600 SE also helps provide a level of peace of mind that if there is a power disruption, all the connected will be sequenced on in the correct order to ensure the network is stable before the rest of the system is bought online.  

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