Jands Power Control – The End of an Era

For over 30 years the Jands brand has been synonymous with high quality, reliable power control. Iconic models such as the GP12, FP12, HP Series and more recently the Hub have been staples in many theatres and production companies across Australia. However, as a result of the impacts COVID-19 continues to have on the global manufacturing environment and our unwavering focus to best represent our suppliers’ full range of products, it has become clear that it is time to close this chapter of Jands history. Jands will no longer be manufacturing Power Control products or its range of lighting control products as of 5th May 2021. 

Below are the current Jands Power Control models that will be discontinued:

  • HPC 6/12
  • Hub XCD
  • Hub Patch
  • PDS12RII
  • PDS453
  • Stage CL
  • DD8II
As with all our legacy products, Jands has secured a large supply of spare part components and will continue to service and support these discontinued products into the future.

This announcement does not affect Jands Lighting Bars and these will continue to be manufactured into the future. 

Jands Power Control products have been used at all levels of production, including high school plays, blockbuster films such as The Matrix, countless international live tours and many of the world’s largest musicals. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal users and we recognise that we couldn’t have enjoyed the success of these products without the support and service of the Australian Entertainment Industry.

If you are interested in securing what will be the last of the Jands Power Control range, we have just completed our final production runs and there is solid supply of many your favourite products. We encourage you to use this opportunity to top up your inventory and continue enjoying the reliability of Jands Power Control for years to come.

As this chapter closes with Jands Power Control a new exciting future with ETC Power Control will shape the infrastructure in theatres around Australia for years to come. ETC provides industry leading dimming and control solutions including the Sensor 3 Dimming range and ETC Colorsource Control and Dimming and we are ready to provide these products for your next project.

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