Pioneer's RX3 is finally here.

Pioneer's RX3 is finally here.

Pioneer's iconic XDJ RX series has received its third model.

The DJ community has endured massive amounts of instability over the last few years. Major structural shifts have forced Jands, and all its partners to adjust and find new ways to service the ever-expanding DJ community. When Jands looks for inspiration in these times, we look towards Pioneer and the legacy it has paved with its XDJ RX series. 

Beyond its portability, beyond its sleek compact design, the XDJ RX series has consistently set the bar for performance as an all-in-one DJ system. Four years removed from the launch of the RX2, and our experts are still working with it to this day. For Jands the RX series stands firm as the benchmark equipment for creative and technical DJ advancement. 

We are honoured to play our part in ushering in a new chapter for the series, and excited to work alongside Pioneer in announcing that the XDJ RX3 will be ready for release on November 9th.

Jands can confirm the new 2-channel performance all-in-one DJ system has been designed inside and out to keep DJs in a state of flow throughout their performance. Boasting all the flexibility and practicality of its predecessors the RX3 integrates features from Pioneer’s CDJ-3000 multi player, and Pioneer’s DJM-900NXS2 Mixer while adding a brand new 10.1 inch touch screen display. 

From the performance timer to the Pad parameter display, to the 3 Band Waveform display the RX3 is made to help DJs realise more natural mixes. Coupled with a completely redesigned Graphic User Interface and expanded FX and sound bank controls. The RX3 challenges the limitations placed on all-in-one DJ systems. 

Jands cannot wait to deliver the RX3 to the DJ community this holiday season and will continue to support Pioneer as they lead the way. 


Product category : 2-channel performance all-in-one DJ system

Model number : XDJ-RX3

RRP : $3249             

In-store date : Late November