SAE X JANDS 2021 Australian Lead Rolling Competition Results

and Jands uniquely benefit from ensuring that quality Audio Visual Technicians are plentiful. As a company reliant on the skills of these technicians we are always looking for ways to bring new talent into the field. Towards the end of last year in partnership with SAE we launched the 2021 Australian Lead Rolling Competition.

The goal was to recognise and reward students who were highly motivated and industry ready. Lead rolling was chosen as the core challenge because it is an invaluable skill for young technicians, particularly when packing down large events efficiently.  The competition went for 12 weeks, and challenged students from Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Perth, and Dubai to roll a kilometer of leads. All attempts had to be recorded and verified, and results went live on the 13th week.  

Crushing the initial challenge by nearly 600%, Brisbane SAE Audio Student, Peta Evans-Taylor won the competition rolling in over 5.8 Kilometres of speaker cable leads just before Christmas. For her efforts Peta was rewarded a Shure PGA drum microphone kit, and the pristine title of 2021s Multi-Campus Lead Rolling Champion.  
Thank you for your participation Peta, and congratulations on the win. Thank you to all the students, and facilitators who took part in the competition. Jands is even more motivated to encourage, acknowledge, and support upcoming Audio-Visual Technicians this year through more partnerships and more opportunities.