Assistive Listening Systems

After 15 years supporting the growth of Assistive Listening Technologies in Australia, market leader Ampetronic has joined forces with Jands to create the largest and most experienced advice, support and system design team in the industry.

Together, Ampetronic and Jands deliver a fresh approach to Hearing Loop design, guidance and quotation support to provide a comprehensive service that is FREE (for a standard project), fast and simple to understand.

Established in 1987, Ampetronic has specialised in the field of Induction Loop Systems and Technologies for the past 25 years. Gaining a reputation as a market innovator, Ampetronic has brought key new technologies to the market including: current drive, CAD system modelling, phased array systems, measurement systems, software analysis and other key technologies. 

Ampetronic’s products, support and system design services are regarded as the best in the industry by some margin and their full service approach to sales, shared by Jands provides all our clients with the unbeatable quality, confidence and dependability that our customers expect. 

Ampetronic is a consistent and passionate advocate for Assistive Listening around the world, contributing to development of Standards, legislation and best practices. Building on the experiences of the formation of the UK market, both good and bad, we strongly advocate for best practice from day one in any country.

How Do Hearing Loops Work? This video from Ampetronic provides an answer to the common questions about assistive listening systems for people with hearing loss. What is an induction loop system? How does a hearing loop work? How does an induction loop work? What is a hearing loop system? What is an AFILS (Audio frequency induction loop system)? What is a t-coil loop system? All your questions answered!

Hearing Loop System Design Request

Jands has partnered with Ampetronic, a global loop technology leader to ensure that from quotation to design to installation, a whole system view is taken. This approach ensures the best possible solution for your assistive listening needs. Providing us with as much information as possible on these seven subjects will help us to prepare an accurate quotation or design in a timely manner.

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