Audio Visual Solutions For Education

Classroom and educational facilities have evolved into collaborative audio visual environments where students connect, learn and communicate through technology.

Students and educators are interacting with with content and presentations on site and remotely. Audio quality and media connectivity can be the difference between understanding and confusion for the learner while measuring the success for the educator.

When the classroom turns to entertainment and larger gatherings - our stage lighting, staging and venue engineering solutions can turn a multi purpose, traditional school hall into a state-of-the-art performance space with moving lights, wireless microphones and custom stage machinery.

Biamp Dynamic Delay EQ and Tesira - Because poor audio equals a lesser quality learning experience. There’s nothing more frustrating than bad lip sync. With our Tesira Platform, you can avoid this awkward audio experience as Tesira constantly scans the signal paths for changes in propagation delay. It’s the only AV system with dynamic delay EQ and automated lip sync -- guaranteeing synchronization between signals. We have patented technology for managing changes in video latency called dynamic delay EQ.
Wireless in Education Environments As education environments have developed, audio plays an increasingly important role. Many universities are situated on large campuses and often have multiple sites, sometimes in different countries. This being the case, lectures are increasingly recorded and live streamed to multiple facilities or captured to be viewed by students in their own time. Similarly, distance learning, which is seen as a flexible and efficient way to gain qualifications, relies heavily on recorded content to disseminate course material to a dispersed audience. Not only this, but many universities supplement their finances by hosting external events such as conferences and expos. All of these need a solid base of reliable, high-quality audio to be able to reach the required audience.