Extraordinary AV conferencing solutions that facilitate seamless AV teleconferencing, communication and collaboration. Easy to deploy, versitile solutions that supercharge meeting and education spaces.

Versatile Solutions.

Parlé Beamtracking™ Microphones.

Sound amazing & deliver consistent room coverage. Give people the ability to move around the room naturally.

Desono™ Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers. 

Deliver superior speech and music reproduction in both distributed audio and conferencing applications.

Devio® AV Conferencing Solutions.

A high-quality and cost-effective conferencing solution for small collaboration spaces or huddle rooms.

Easy Deployment.

Devio provides exceptional AV experiences for users of web-based conferencing systems, with easy BYOD connectivity, patented Parle Beamtracking™ microphones in new form factors and professional grade DSP to intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing everyone on the call to be heard.

Sound Amazing.

Featured Products.

Biamp Devio SCR-25C & DCM-1 White Bundle Conferencing hub and ceiling mic bundle for web-based system BIA-DEVSCR25C
Parlé TCM-1A (Black) Pendant Microphone w. PoE Amplifier BIA-PARTCM1A-B
Parlé TCM-XEX (Black) AVB Beam-tracking Expansion Ceiling Microphone BIA-PARTCMXEX-B
Parlé TTM-X (White) AVB Beam-tracking Tabletop Microphone BIA-PARTTMX
desono C-IC6 (Black) Conferencing Loudspeaker BIA-DESCIC6-B
desono C-IC6 (Red) Conferencing Loudspeaker BIA-DESCIC6-R
desono P6 (White) Pendant Loudspeaker BIA-DESP6
desono P6 (Black) Pendant Loudspeaker BIA-DESP6-B
desono P6-SM (White) Pendant Loudspeaker BIA-DESP6SM
Biamp Devio SCR-20C & DCM-1 White Bundle Conferencing hub and ceiling mic bundle for web-based system BIA-DEVSCR20C

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