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Audio solutions that effortlessly capture sound and ensure that the presenter’s message is not just heard but understood.

Educational institutions require technology that enables learning at a distance and facilitates immersive collaborative educational experiences. Whether users bring their own devices and services, or benefit from dedicated sound equipment, educational institutions now need to deliver high-quality communications experiences.

Facilitate remote learning with solutions from Biamp and Shure

Technology agnostic solutions. Dante or AVB. Take your pick.

Remotely managed solutions – where efficiency is key to success.

Wireless in Education Environments As education environments have developed, audio plays an increasingly important role. Many universities are situated on large campuses and often have multiple sites, sometimes in different countries. This being the case, lectures are increasingly recorded and live streamed to multiple facilities or captured to be viewed by students in their own time. Similarly, distance learning, which is seen as a flexible and efficient way to gain qualifications, relies heavily on recorded content to disseminate course material to a dispersed audience. Not only this, but many universities supplement their finances by hosting external events such as conferences and expos. All of these need a solid base of reliable, high-quality audio to be able to reach the required audience.
Biamp Tesira - Flexible, powerful solutions for AV installations large & small. Tesira is the world’s only integrated, networked audio and video processing and distribution platform. Sophisticated, adaptive DSP is the core of what Biamp does and what Tesira delivers. Tesira SERVER and SERVER-IO are configurable I/O DSPs, while TesiraFORTÉ devices are fixed I/O DSPs available in different models optimized for specific applications. Rounding out Tesira DSPs are the TesiraLUX video encoders and decoders. All Tesira products can be configured and managed using Tesira software, helping you create the dynamic, efficient AV systems your customers need. With a single networked platform, Tesira truly is enterprise-wide media made simple.

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