AV Solutions for Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Bars, Pubs and Clubs are often regarded as the lifeblood of a community. And ever present is the need for these venues to provide an immersive, stand-out experience to rival burgeoning competition, maintain existing clientele and attract new patrons.

Provide quality entertainment throughout your venue

Audio sound systems take your venue’s audio capabilities to the next level. Invaluable for creating the right atmosphere, the right sound system will offer you a far more extensive listening experience than what is possible with your average speakers or audio monitors.

Broadcasting live events, sports, music videos, social media and promotions on multiple video displays is an effective way of creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for patrons and is key to keeping them lingering for longer, and ultimately, coming back again.

Sound systems – customised to your venue

Whether its ambience background music, pumping club sound, announcements, or live performance audio, Jands has the most appropriate sound solution for every space, all while adhering to architectural, performance and budget requirements.

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Video over IP

Installing a video distribution system is a straightforward process ensuring your venue has seamless, high-quality entertainment around the clock.

The Blustream IP product range allow you to control and manage what footage is displayed on any screen, at any time, making it easy to send video anywhere you want within your venue. You can add or remove displays, scale up or down for special events and tap into a variety of media sources, without needing additional gear and separate set-top boxes for every screen in your venue.

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Best wireless microphones

Bring your MC moments, trivia and performances to the next level. Working hand in hand with your sound system, the right microphone set up can bring clarity to any speaker/performer in your venue. As wireless system evolve and the options for microphones and audio solutions expand, it has never been easier to find the right sound for your venue.

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Light up your venue

Architectural lighting is all about adding structure and design to your venue purely through curated lighting. Change colours dynamically based on your events or simply just use them to set the mood right.

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