AV Solutions For Retail Stores

Music and video are two of the most powerful sales tools retail stores can use to trigger emotions, draw customers into the present moment and truly connect with a brand. Our integrated audio-visual solutions will help you create an idyllic, engaging space for your customers.

Influence Purchasing Behaviour With Music And Video In Your Retail Showroom

The retail landscape is changing rapidly, and bricks and mortar stores are having to work harder to engage and maintain their customer base to compete with the speed, convenience, and personalisation of online shopping.

Retail stores have needed to transform into immersive destinations where the pleasure of the shopping experience is maximised through multiple sensory cues such as lighting, visuals, music, ambient scents, and items to touch and feel. These cues all work together to strengthen a brand’s image, deliver differential value, and influence purchasing behaviour.

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Distribute Audio In Your Showroom with Apart Audio Solutions.

The key to success in retail is in creating a memorable atmosphere for your customers so they fully immerse themselves in the shopping, dining or entertainment experience.

Playing music and lighting the space correctly, will enhance the atmosphere, keep customers engaged longer and make it more likely they will return. The Apart CM20T ceiling speakers combined with PREZONE2 will discreetly blend into any style of interior and guarantees exceptional quality audio day in, day out. The PREZONE2 allows you to easily control and manage your background music from a radio or CD/MP3 player, and includes a paging microphone input for broadcasting messages in your store.

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Use Distributed Video Across Multiple Screens To Deliver Marketing Messages and Interactivity. 

The Blustream HSP14AB-V2 is a single HDM input that delivers video or digital content across multiple high definition displays and zones using standard network cabling.

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