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Portable Audio For Smaller Venues

Investing in a quality portable audio system can significantly boost the customer experience, grow your customer base, and increase sales. It also plays an integral role in building a sense of community spirit and nurturing talent in the local area.

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Bringing The Indoor Experience Outdoors

World cities like New York and London have led the way in transforming footpaths and roads to create whole new experiences.

The outdoor areas come with a different set of challenges to inside. Indoor spaces are more or less controlled environments. Outdoor settings are exposed to the elements. Not having the correct speakers can cost more than investing in fit for purpose solutions.

Customers dining and socialising inside your venue enjoy the atmosphere of quality Audio and background music. Your customers sitting outside should have the same experience.

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Video Distribution for Venues

Broadcasting live events, sports, music videos, social media and promotions on multiple video displays is an effective way of creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for patrons and is key to keeping them lingering for longer, and ultimately, coming back again.

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Solutions For Fixed Screen Counters

Communicate clearly through perspex safety screens. It has become increasingly common for noisy, customer facing environments such as supermarket check outs, banks, police stations, service counters and even workplaces to install fixed glass or Perspex screens as a physical barrier to protect both staff and customers. Whilst this barrier helps with security and hygiene, it also means it can be difficult for both parties to hear each other clearly during transactions.

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