Ampetronic ILD1000G Loop Driver

Product Code: AMP-ILD1000G

5 2500 KAMP AMP-ILD1000G

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The ILD1000G sets the standard for high performance professional perimeter induction loop systems. Utilising a new amplification technology, the ILD1000G provides the highest power output available in a single channel amplifier, while halving power consumption and heat dissipation.

It features ample power to drive the largest perimeter loops, and high voltage headroom to ensure high quality audio output even in the longest cable runs. All of this power and performance is packaged in an elegant and space efficient 19 inch 1U case.

The ILD1000G is also designed for versatility, with 3 configurable inputs to cope with any scenario, usable freestanding, wall mounted or rack mounted with the included brackets. The ILD1000G is built to our exacting standards and is backed by our 5 year warranty.

Applications include:
  • Conference facilities
  • Large places of worship
  • Theatres
  • Sports halls
  • Lecture halls
  • Cinemas
  • Equipment supplied as standard with the ILD1000G
  • Handbook and installation instructions
  • 197 x 252mm loop system present sign (deaf logo)
  • Region specific mains cable
  • Loop connector
  • Rack mount brackets
  • Status Connector
  • Very high output for the largest applications
  • High efficiency class-G amplifier with low heat dissipation
  • Very compact 1U rack mount, wall mount or free standing
  • Versatile input selection
  • 1 XLR balanced microphone
  • 1 XLR balanced mic / line switchable input
  • 1 6.3mm balanced jack line input
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Excellent reliability
  • 5 year warranty
  • Unparalleled sound quality
  • Metal loss corrector
  • Rack mount brackets included
  • Free technical support
5 Years Std Parts & Labour