biamp Devio DTM-1 Tabletop Mic with Beamtracking™

3x 120-degree zones for 360-degree coverage (BIA-DEVDTM1)

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The DTM-1 tabletop microphone includes beamtracking™ technology with three 120-degree zones, providing full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. The DTM-1 microphone actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations from around the table, allowing farend conference participants to experience the conversation naturally. The DTM-1 ships with a mounting plate for securing it to a table, and a second DTM-1 microphone can be added to the meeting room if needed.
  • Beamtracking technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations around the table
  • Three 120-degree zones for 360 degrees of coverage
  • Three LED mute status indicators
  • Three capacitive touch mute buttons
  • Two selectable directivity modes
  • Mounting plate for secure installation included
  • Easy single-cable installation process
  • Additional RJ-45 for daisy-chain connection to another DTM-1 microphone (maximum of two mics per daisy chain)
  • Covered by Biamp Systems' two-year warranty
2 Years Std Parts & Labour