PoE logic expander with 16 GPIO for Tesira (BIA-TESEXLOGIC)


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The Tesira EX-LOGIC is a half-rack logic box for use with Tesira server-class devices. The EX-LOGIC provides both logic inputs and outputs and, through software, can be configured as a control interface. There are 16 total connections that can be used as inputs or outputs. 12 of the connections are designed as logic connections only and will accept contact closure or 5V TTL for input or provide a maximum of 40V/500mA for output. The remaining four connections can also be used for logic connections or as variable voltage control inputs (e.g. interface to a potentiometer). The EX-LOGIC also provides a serial port for the output of command strings that can be used to send action commands to other equipment in the system. The expander communicates with the Tesira AVB network for audio networking, configuration, and control, and is powered by PoE.
  • 16 total logic connections that can be used as inputs or outputs
  • 4 of the 16 connections can be used as voltage control inputs
  • Inputs can control actions within the software including: presets, mutes, ducking, room combining, paging functions, and much more 
  • Outputs can trigger status relays or indicators, or provide logic input to other controllable equipment 
  • Serial port for the output of command strings 
  • Connects to Tesira server-class devices 
  • Powered by PoE 
  • Plug-in barrier strip connections 
  • Front panel LEDs for device status indications 
  • Half-rack chassis 
  • RoHS compliant and AES grounded
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty
5 Years Std Parts & Labour