Vocia POTS-1-2

Telephone Paging Adaptor, 4 Lines (BIA-VOCPOTS14)


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The Vocia Telephone Paging adapter allows a direct connection of two or four analog telephone service (POTS) lines or POTS-based PBX telephone lines. The interface permits live, real-time paging using any page code within the Vocia system. POTS-1 supports Vocia regular and emergency messaging, and will also support page stacking and store-and-forward functionality.

  • Two or four POTS lines (POTS-1-2 or POTS-1-4)
  • Device monitoring 
  • Power via dual 24V DC inputs (redundant inputs) power supply included 
  • Software-configurable signal processing
  • Rack mountable (1RU) 
  • Dual CobraNet® ports for redundant Ethernet connections 
  • Rotary switches for device identification
  • IP30 compliant
  • CE marked and RoHS compliant
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty
5 Years Std Parts & Labour