Clear-Com Digital Audio Module 6ch AES3

Product Code: CCM-AES-6-RJ

5 2500 KCPM CCM-AES-6-RJ

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The AES-6 modules provide AES-3 digital audio and Co-ax Video cable
panel connection for all the Eclipse matricesincluding the Eclipse-PiCo.

The AES-6 modules are available for use in the IMF-3 (3RU) and IMF-102 (1RU) interface racks and the Eclipse-Median frame. The same racks can mix AES-6 cards with any of the FOR-22 (4- wire TX), TEL-14 (PSTN), CCI-22 (PL), RLY-6 and GPI-6 modules.

The two module sets include a common front card AES-6 and two
dierent rear cards; the AES-6-RJ for 6 mono or 3 stereo AES-3 digital
audio interface to Eclipse RJ-45 ports and the AES-6-CX for 6 co-ax panel connectionsto the Eclipse RJ-45 ports.
  • 3RU x 7HP width Module set
  • 6 RJ-45 connections to AES-3 audio
  • 6 RJ-45 connections to Eclipse MVX ports
  • Stereo or Mono operation per channel
  • 44.1, 48K or 96KHz sample rate options
  • 24 Bit resolution
  • Handle for circuit identification
  • Eclipse ECS compatible for configuration
2 Years Std Parts & Labour