Clear-Com IFB104 Eclipse IFB Interface

Product Code: CCM-IFB104

5 2500 KCPM CCM-IFB104

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The IFB-104 is a 1-RU panel that directly connects up to four IFB feeds to the ports of a digital matrix system. Individual or multiple IFB earbuds or headphones may be powered directly from each connected matrix port. Alternately, an intercom power supply may be connected, allowing the use of active personal IFB receivers, such as the Clear-Com TR-50 or TR-532. The IFB-104 does not require external power to drive its circuitry. Each channel has a rear-mounted wet/dry switch, allowing either direct connection or powering via a party-line intercom power supply. The signal from the matrix port is transformer-coupled to the XLR-connector output.
2 Years Std Parts & Labour