Clear-Com AB120 On-Air Announcer's Console PSU 48AT-24-400ES

Product Code: CCM-AB120

5 2500 KCPM CCM-AB120

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The AB-120 Announcer Console is a compact desktop unit designed specifically for sports, live-event broadcasting and voice-over work.

The ultimate broadcast quality tool for announcers and commentators, the AB-120 integrates all the inputs, outputs and controls necessary at the announce position, including intercom “Talkback”, IFB and a silent “Mic Mute” button that provides noise-free “Cough” and “Mic on/off” switching.

The “no compromise” mic preamp ensures the highest broadcast quality audio from the announcer’s microphone. A high-output stereo headphone amplifier guarantees talent can always hear both program audio and “cues” from the control room, even in the loudest of live sporting environments.

The AB-120 plugs into and draws power directly from most intercom and IFB systems, permitting an announce position to be located virtually anywhere, regardless of available AC power. Extremely flexible, the console is easily configured for practically any combination of audio sources, microphones, headsets or intercom systems,ensuring quality audio and powerful communications.
  • Broadcast quality mic preamp with Jensen™ output transfer
  • Talent “Talkback” circuit automatically mutes Mic output to “air”
  • Silent “Mic Mute” button for “Cough” and “Mic on/off” functions
  • Easily adapts for use with any mic or headset
  • Quick and simple set up using standard
  • XLR mic cable
  • Wide range, high-output headphone amplifier
  • Binaural headset output allows talent to hear stereo program, IFB and/or intercom
  • IFB input accepts either unbalanced program or powered IFB
  • Interfaces with intercom and IFB systems
  • Powered by intercom, IFB line or external DC source
2 Years Std Parts & Labour