Dynacord C2800FDi Power Amplifier

DSP 2 x 1400 W Power Amplifier for fixed install applications (DYN-C2800FDI)

5 2500 FE4M DYN-C2800FDI

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  • Professionall Installation DSP amplifier
  • Optimized for LZ and 70 V Direct Drive Operation
  • Fully integrated professional speaker processing with FIR Drive technology
  • Market leading acoustic performance and rock solid reliability
  • Intuitive system control software, makes setup and control easy

DYNACORD C Series amplifiers are dedicated installation DSP amplifiers optimized for 24/7 operation. Besides low impedance operation (2 Ohms, 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms) C2800FDi can drive 70 V loudspeaker lines directly without output transformers. Integrated digital signal procesing provides access to professional speaker processing with FIR Drive technology. C Series amplifier utilize Class A/B resp. Class H topologies, which provide market leading acoustic performance and reliability. The connectivity is optimized for the needs of fixed install applications. For low cost of ownership a power saving standby mode is available. A front panel LC display allows local control and supervision of the amplifier. An intuitive system control software allows fast system setup, flexible system control and comprehensive supervision.

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