EVF-1151S (Black)

15" Front-Loaded Bass Element (EVF-1151SBLB)

5 2500 FE4M EVF-1151SBLB

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EVF-1151S single 15“ woofer more bass system is design to work as a low frequency reinforcement unit for EVF Series products, with equal footprint as the full range models, allows for perfect clustering in vertical and Horizontal groupings.

  • Enhanced bass for installations
  • Low-distortion EVS15SB woofer
  • 99 dB sensitivity, 131 dB maximum SPL
  • Power: 400 W continuous, 1600 W peak
  • Trapezoidal 13-ply birch enclosure
  • EVCoat, PI, or fiberglass (FG) finish
  • M10 threaded suspension points (22)
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