Mosaic Dali Remote Device

Product Code: ETC-MRIO-D


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The Mosaic® Remote DALI Module (RIO-D) expands the advanced
control capabilities of the Mosaic Show Control System to control
Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) ballasts. As an accessory
to the Mosaic Show Controllers™ (MSCs) and Mosaic Show Controller x (MSCX) the RIO-D device provides control for one DALI loop (up to 64 ballasts) each, and can be used in multiples for up to 100 loops (6400 ballasts). Optionally, the RIO-D may be used to accept external DALI commands to trigger the Mosaic Show Controller system.
  • DALI Master or Slave mode
  • Ballast discovery and configuration
  • Up to 64 Ballasts (one loop) per RIO-D
  • Up to 100 RIO-D per Mosaic Control System
  • Configure DALI systems using Mosaic Designer™ software
2 Years Std Parts & Labour