Mosaic Tessera 512 Channel Touchscreen Controller; White Bezel and Overlay

Product Code: ETC-MTPC-WH


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The Unison Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller (MTPC) is the permanent part of your installation. The Mosaic Tessera Controller provides a touchscreen user-interface with up to 512 channels of DMX-OverEthernet (and other Ethernet-based protocols) to control colour-mixing fixtures, conventional dimmable fixtures and automated lights. The built-in real-time clock triggers precise timed events, including ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ astronomical cues. Each MTPC supports onboard triggering over Ethernet and user input at the touchscreen. Additional channels and triggering interfaces are supported by optional MSC controllers and remote devices attached over an Ethernet network.
  • Integrated Show Control and User Interface
  • Programmed and configured using MosaiDesigner™ software
  • Configurable user-interface using MosaiTouch Editor Software
  • RealEngine ensures an accurate representation of yourshow, whether in software simulation or when played live to
  • connected controllers
  • LiveControl : Live output of your Mosaic show file to
  • connected Mosaic Controllers and fixtures during simulation
  • DesignerAccess : Internal web server with active page providing status, configuration information, remote monitoring, and remote show uploads
  • QuickChange : Show data is stored on a removable memor card that can be transferred to another MTPC if required
  • White Bezel and Overlay
2 Years Std Parts & Labour