Mosaic Tessera Remote Input / Output Interface

Product Code: ETC-TPC-RIO


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The Mosaic Remote Input/Output Modules (MRIOs) expand the advanced show-control capabilities of the system in interactive installations, allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly to the environment or viewer. As accessories to the Mosaic Show Controllers(MSCs), Mosaic Show Controller x (MSCX) and Mosaic Audio/Video Controller (MAVC), Remote I/O devices offer an integrated, bi-directional serial port (RS232/RS485) for interfacing to third-party equipment or systems and employ familiar, simple and reliable Ethernet-wiring topology with IEEE 802.3af Powerover-Ethernet (PoE). Specialized RIO devices also offer integration capabilities for Audio, Contact Inputs, Contact Outputs, and more. Up to 100 RIO I/O modules can coexist on a network as part of a distributed system.
  • MRIO 80 - The RIO 8/0 features eight configurable Tri-Mode inputs that accept almost any input from the necessary equipment: digital-active high, digital-active low, or contact closure.

  • MRIO 44 - When you need both input triggers and control over other devices in the same location, choose the RIO 4/4. Featuring both relay outputs and configurable Tri-Mode inputs, the RIO 4/4 allows you to integrate with almost any third-party device.

  • MRIO 08 - When you need to issue commands to third-party devices, the RIO 0/8 gets the job done with eight fully isolated relay outputs.

  • RS232/485 serial output, or up to 96 channels of DMX output
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