ETC GIO-4K GIO 4K Lighting Console

Product Code: ETC-GIO-4K

3 2500 MECD ETC-GIO-4K

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Complete control of conventional and moving lights, LEDs and media
servers. Supports multiple users with partitioned parameter control
and full backup, multiple playback faders and cue lists in a tracking,
move fade environment, with unique force-feedback encoders, two
integral articulating multi-touch displays and backlit keys.
  • 4,096 outputs/parameters, upgradeable in
  • 1,024, 2,048 or 4,096 output increments.

  • 16,000 control channels
  • 12 Discrete Users
  • Partitioned Control
  • Master playback pair with motorised 100mm faders
  • Ten 100mm motorised faders x 30 pages for configurable
  • faders, submasters, masters and grandmaster control
  • Two multi-touch LCD touchscreens for display, direct selection
  • and context sensitive control
  • Four discrete palette types (IFCB)
  • Presets function as “all palette”
  • Effects provide dynamic relational and absolute
  • progressive behavior
  • Central information area (CIA) accesses electronic alpha
  • keyboard, Hue + Saturation colour picker, gel picker, browser
    and other controls
  • Four force-feedback encoders for non-intensity
  • parameter control
  • Configurable high-density channel display, with format and
  • flexi-channel modes
  • List views of all record targets
  • User-configurable, interactive Magic Sheets
  • ETCNet2™ and Net3™ (powered by CAN), Avab UDP and/or
  • Art-Net output protocols
  • Show import from Obsession®, Express™, Expression®,
  • Emphasis®, Congo®, Cobalt, Grand MA1, Safari and Strand
    500/300 Series via ASCII
  • Multiple MIDI and/or SMPTE Time Code Inputs, MIDI In and
  • Out, Analog/Serial Inputs
  • Virtual Media Server function for pixel-mapped effects,
  • images and animations
  • Support for nmultiple languages, including English, German,
Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
2 Years Std Parts & Labour