L-Acoustics K2-BUMP Rigging Frame

Rigging frame for flying K2 and LA-RAK Including 1 Extension Sling + 1 Laser Adapter (LAC-K2-BUMP)


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Rigging frame used to fly K2 line arrays. Designed to be compatible with K1 and K1-SB. Provided with two bow shackles WLL 3.25 t.
Rigging frame for flying K2 and LA-RAK. Certified up to 24 x K2 or 16 x K1-SB and 2 x LA-RAK, including adjustable motor chain (1 m) and laser adaptater plate.
The K2-BUMP is designed for flying line arrays of K2, K1 or K1-SB enclosures. 4 holes are available on the central bar of the K2-BUMP.
  • Description: Rigging frame for K2 enclosure
  • Weight: 42.3 kg / 93.3 lb
  • Material: High-grade steel with anti-corrosion coating.
5 Years Std Parts & Labour