L-Acoustics KARA-MINIBU Mini Bumper for flying 6 KARA

Structure for flying or stacking a small format KARA and/or SB18 array (LAC-KARAMINIBU)


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The L-ACOUSTICS® KARA-MINIBU rigging structure has been designed to fly or stack the KARA® enclosures as a variable-curvature, vertical line source array. KARA-MINIBU also allows KARA to be attached to an SB18 subwoofer array.

The KARA-MINIBU is a rectangular frame fitted with the following elements:
  • Four 5/16” R-BLP (round-shaped ball-locking pins) for KARA rigging.
  • One laser support plate with four bolts for optional TEQSAS® LAP-TEQ laser/inclinometer device mounting. The LAP-TEQ is part of the L-ACOUSTICS® TECH TOOLCASE (refer to the TECH TOOLCASE Product spec sheet [3.4]).
  • Two shackles fitted with 12 mm/0.47 inch-diameter bolts and safety pins.
  • 17 shackle holes for rigging.
  • 2 shackle holes for pullback configurations.
Note: KARA-MINIBU also can fly straight vertical SB18 arrays.
Dimensions: (L x H x D) 704 x 50 x 447 mm / 27.7 x 2 x 17.6 inch
Weight: 7.6 kg / 17 lbs
Setup safety limits: 1 Maximum 6 KARA or 2 SB18/6 KARA or 4 SB18 per KARA-MINIBU in flown config. Maximum 6 KARA per KARA-MINIBU in stacked config.
Material: High-grade steel coated with polyester powder Included accessories 4 R-BLP, 1 laser support plate with 4 bolts, 2 shackles
5 Years Std Parts & Labour