L-Acoustics KS28 Reference Sub-woofer Black

Subwoofer KS28 High Power 2 x 18" LF; 79kg; Black (LAC-KS28)

5 2500 HLTS LAC-KS28

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The KS28 is a reference subwoofer designed to extend the frequency response of large format systems. The KS28 features two high excursion, 18’’ direct radiating transducers mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The L-Vents reduce turbulence and port noise at high levels while also increasing LF  efficiency. The KS28 operates from 25 Hz. The excursion capability of the transducer, combined with L-Vents contributes to deliver a high SPL, with low distortion. The KS28 can offer standard or cardioid directivity, by combining physical deployment and the suitable preset.

The KS28 is the first L-Acoustics enclosure to fully utilize the LA12X amplified controller power. The LA12X ensures advanced crossover functions, linearization and L-Drive protection of the transducers. Its onboard library offers standard and cardioid presets, each available with two low-pass filters to accommodate various coupling conditions and LF contour requirements.

The KS28 cabinet is assembled with birch and beech plywood panels. The use of panels optimized for thickness and combined with stiffeners gives the KS28 maximized internal volume, mechanical integrity and a low weight of 79 kg. It features six ergonomic handles for a solid grip and efficient handling. Bottom and side runners ensure safe stacking. A two-point suspension system is flush-mounted into the cabinet.

Solid Foundations

L-Acoustics subwoofers complement systems in applications where extended bandwidth is required. All subs incorporate high excursion drivers, ultra-low vibration walls and laminar airflow L-Vents with a flared profile, resulting in dramatic reduction of port noise, maximized dynamics and power handling and an exceptional level of performance.

L-Acoustics subwoofers can be deployed in diverse modes, making them versatile enough to address any rental or fixed installation application. Engineers and sound designers can choose from standard or cardioid configurations, creating a variety of symmetric and asymmetric directivity patterns adapted to each specific design.

The Subwoofer range includes KS28 reference sub-woofer.
  • +3 dB SPL (vs. SB28)
  • 79 kg / 174 lbs
  • Fast and captive rigging
  • Exclusively driven by LA12X
5 Years Std Parts & Labour