L-Acoustics KILO Low Frequency Extension for KIVA

LF Extension For Kiva 1 x 12" (LAC-KILO)


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KILO is the Low Frequency extension of the KIVA line source array system. Operating from 50 Hz the cabinet features a single 12’’ neodymium driver in a dual-chamber bass-reflex tuned enclosure.

The KILO enclosure generates an omni-directional coverage pattern. The addition of KILO elements within the line source array progressively polarizes the vertical coverage towards the front of the system (the horizontal directivity also increases due to natural dipole effects).

The 3-point captive rigging system allows flying up to 12 KIVA and 4 KILO with interelement angles from 0° to 15° in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Being entirely compatible with KIVA the line source can be built with a combination of both cabinets using the same rigging components.

The KILO enclosure is driven by the dedicated L-ACOUSTICS® LA4 amplified controller. The performance of a combined KIVA/KILO system depends upon the choice of preset and physical system configuration.

  • The KIVA line source delivers a considerable number of improvements over the traditional sound reinforcement approach, particularly with regard to the intelligibility and overall clarity of vocal material.
  • The KIVA line source, although compact by design, allows even coverage of extremely large acoustic environments where the number of elements (height of the array) constitutes the main factor in establishing the system throw, coverage pattern, and directivity control parameters. With a fixed horizontal directivity of 100° and a vertical interelement variation of up to 15°, the KIVA line source is fully configurable to match any audience geometry.
  • Packaged in a lightweight and compact enclosure, in addition to a virtually invisible captive rigging system, the KIVA KILO system combines extremely quick set up and system integration with significant savings on storage and handling logistics. Thanks to its compact format, the KIVA system is adapted to installation in theatres, performing art centres, concert halls, convention centres, sport facilities, and TV/Broadcast studios. Before installation, any system configuration can be acoustically and mechanically modeled with the SOUNDVISION 3D simulation software.
  • The LA4, LA4X and LA8 amplified controllers and their preset library constitute an extremely advanced and precise drive system for the enclosures. All L-ACOUSTICS® amplified controllers feature the L-DRIVE, a thermal and overexcursion protection circuit.
  • Up to 253 LA8 amplified controllers can be connected together via the Ethernet-based L-NET protocol. The LA NETWORK MANAGER software allows online remote control and monitoring of all the connected units, via a userfriendly and intuitive graphic interface, and features the Array Morphing EQ. This exclusive tool allows the engineer to quickly adjust the tonal balance of the system to reach a reference curve or to ensure consistency of the sonic signature.
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