Pathway Pathport VIA (6730)

10RJ45 + 1GBIC Ethernet Switch for Lighting Networks (PTW-6730)

5 2500 OPWY PTW-6730

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The Pathport VIA is a 10port +1 Layer 2/3 Gigabit switch with EtherCon® connectors, providing Class 1 Power-over-Ethernet on all ports. Port status and configuration settings are easily reviewed from the front panel LCD. IP parameters and other features are quickly set using the encoder knob.
  • Front panel LCD reports status port-by-port, including link speed, duplex, PoE status and power drawn by connected devices
  • IP Address and subnet mask configurable from front panel-no computer required
  • SFP port allows connection to fiber networks via mini-GBIC plug-ins
  • Forced link mode allows user to set communications speed
  • PoE enable/disable port-by-port
  • Display list of connected Pathport devices
  • Discoverable and configurable from Pathport Manager software or use web browser
  • Easy, free upgrade to fully managed features
  • 60W on-board PoE power supply provides Class 1 power to all ten ports
2 Years Std Parts & Labour