Pathway VIA12 TE Gigabit Ethernet Switch (6752-P)

Pathway Pathport VIA Ethernet Switch 12 TE Gigabit; opticalCON Duo; 100W PoE (PTW-6752-P)

5 2500 OPWY PTW-6752-P

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VIA12 TE (models 6752-P and 6754-P) are gigabit Ethernet switches designed specifically for lighting, sound and video signal routing in live entertainment applications, including live shows. With built-in opticalCON DUO (model 6752-P) and opticalCON QUAD (model 6754-P) fiber connectors for LC multimode fiber.

Unlike switches designed and marketed for office and communication applications, VIA12 TE ships as an unmanaged switch, pre-configured and optimized for entertainment network use, with twelve etherCON® RJ45 copper ports and two opticalCON® DUO (6752-P) or QUAD (6754-P) locking connectors for multi-mode fiber. When needed, VLANs, EAPS, RSTP and other Layer 2/3 management features are easily accessed and configured through the front panel interface and the Pathscape software suite. 100W of power is available on board to supply PoE-enabled devices.
  • Trap Art-Net and convert it to sACN
  • IGMP querier and snooping, DHCP per VLAN
  • Dante-compliant QoS option
  • Illuminated LCD display and rotary encoder for displaying and setting switch and port properties
  • Global properties editable from front panel interface: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, VLAN configuration
  • Properties displayed by front panel interface: Switch Name, Port Name, PoE usage, Serial Number, MAC address, firmware version, connected devices (LLDP compliant), link status and speed, bandwidth monitor
  • EAPS—Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (rapid ring failure detection and correction)
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
  • Twelve locking etherCON RJ45 ports (ten on front panel, two on rear) support 10/100/1000Base-T speeds
  • Two locking opticalCON ports on rear panel support multi-mode LC fiber optic lines
  • Wide range input power supply with powerCON® In and Thru accommodates all countries mains voltage and frequency
  • 1 RU high housing with integral rack ears fits 19” rack
  • Integrated 100W PoE supply for powering compatible external devices
  • Up to 15W of PoE may be alloted to each copper port
  • Thermostatically-controlled cooling fans
2 Years Std Parts & Labour