Pathway Vignette

DMX and sACN Snapshot and Zone Controller (PTW-0700-5481)

5 2500 OPWY PTW-0700-5481

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Vignette is a system of modular button and slider wall station inserts that allow you to snapshot four universes of E1.31 sACN or one universe of DMX512. Design custom wall stations, from single-gang up to six-gang.
Buttons can be press-and-hold to record, and press to play back. Sliders can act as grand master for the Vignette's output, or proportionately control user-defined zones with minimum and maximum values for individual channels.
Playback and crossfade between snapshots, complex zones, single channels or non-dims of a very large network of station, using PoE or multidrop (RS485) wiring topology.
  • Attractive Decorator-style design in white or black, compatible with Pathway Connectivity or third-party faceplates
  • Master/local inserts available as single or double sliders, or as two or four buttons
  • PoE variant works with the VIA PoE switches and Pathport gateways
  • RS485 variant requires DIN-rail mounted Vignette Architectural Gateway that includes an ethernet port for configuration, sACN send/receive as well as DMX in/out. Each Gateway can support up to 64 modules across four separate daisy-chain buses
  • Group stations to mirror each other or work independently
  • Works as a snapshot record and playback out of the box. Advanced configuration using Pathscape on Mac OS or Windows PC
  • Buttons have multiple functions including snapshot replay, non-dim zones, record enable and take control
  • Sliders can act as zone control or grand master
2 Years Std Parts & Labour