WaveTower® Remote RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management System (RFV-WAVETOWER)


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WaveTower™ is a patented platform from RF Venue that allows you to remotely monitor and manage RF spectrum activity over the web.

Connect each Tower Sensor on your account to a LAN or cellular data connection and access near real-time and historical RF scan data in your web browser. Monitor and manage local RF conditions from across town or across the globe. 
  • Reduce travel and costly labor time onsite
  • Coordinate remotely based on real operating conditions
  • Monitor peak traffic times and identify interference
  • Pull historical spectrum activity to spot problems reported from the field as they occurred
  • Spectrum data stays in your WaveTower account even after a Tower is taken offline
  • New Public setting allows for Tower access to be made public to anyone with a WaveTower login
2 Years Std Parts & Labour