Robe. Dominator 1200 XT

Product Code: RBE-10054107

5 2500 ROPL RBE-10054107

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The Dominator‘s center-piece is a 6-fold multi-scanner featuring 6 arms with moving mirrors and barrel mirrors to create fantastic lighting effects.

The rotation-speed of the barrel mirrors is fully controllable, and the Dominator 1200 XT also has a stunning 3-facet prism effect, 6 different gobos and 3 different dichroic color filters. The Dominator 1200 XT is exclusively supplied with a DMX controller, complete with a series of pre-programmed sequences.

  • Light Source - HMI 1200/GS discharge lamp
  • Effects - 6x Double condenser system, 6x 3-facet rotating prism
2 Years Std Parts & Labour