DL4S Profile™

Single Fixture in Cardboard Box (RBE-10018521)

5 2500 ROPL RBE-10018521

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Extending the possibilities of the playful, colorful DLS Profile, the new DL4S is equipped with enhanced version of the ROBE RGBW LED module for brighter saturated colours and more powerful output.

To magnify the already perfectly smooth colours, fades and dimming, the DL4S features innovative LED driving system for improved, extremely high definition dimming curve for all R, G, B, W colours, with 18 bit resolution. The DL4S adds a system of 4 fast, smooth, framing shutters within the optical path design of the proven DLS Profile format. There is individual control of each shutter blade position and angle, together with rotation of the complete framing module. As well as providing a sharp precise or soft frame for the projected image, the system produces a new series of effects through pre-programmed shutter blade shape and movement sequences. As with all models in the Robe DL luminaire range, the multiple shadows normally associated with an LED source have been eliminated. The enhanced Robe RGBW LED light source reproduces both rich and pastel colours at output levels normally associated with 1 200 W discharge fixtures as well as pure whites at preselected 2 700, 3 200, 4 200, 5 600 and 8 000 kelvin colour temperatures. The tungsten emulation function allows the fixture to be integrated seamlessly into lighting schemes with existing traditional lanterns.


Light source: 480 W RGBW LED engine

LED engine life expectancy: 20.000 hrs


Optical System

Beam angle: 10°-45°

Colour mixing mode: RGBW or CMY (8 or 16bit) + variable CTO


Electromechanical Effects

Rotating Gobo wheel: 7 rotating, indexable, replaceable "SLOT&LOCK" metal gobos + open

Framing shutters: 4 individually positionable blades plus rotation of the complete frame system +- 45°

Animation wheel: Aluminium

Iris: Motorized, stepless, pulse effects up to 3 Hz

Prism: 3-facet 11° prism rotating in both directions at different speeds

Frost filter: Separate, variable

Motorized zoom: 10° (gobo position) - 45° (free hole)

Focus: Motorized

Pan: 540°

Tilt: 280°


Control And Programming

User Interface: Colour Touch Screen - ROBE Navigation System 2 (RNS2), battery backup

Protocols: DMX-512, RDM, ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2, sACN

DMX modes (channels): 47, 38, 36

Wireless DMX version: Lumen CRMX™ as optional accessory

Programs: 3-editable, each up to 100 steps

Stand-alone operation: Yes

Pan/Tilt resolution: 8 or 16 bit

Movement control: Tracking and vector

Rotating gobo wheel positioning: 8 bit

Gobo indexing & rotation: 8 or 16 bit

Pre-programmed 237 colours including whites (2.700 K, 3.200 K, 4.200 K, 5.600 K and 8.000 K)

Tungsten lamp emulation: Whites 2.700 K and 3.200 K

CTO filter: Variable

Colour rainbow effect: Variable speed

Colour mixing (Internal 18 bit): 8 or 16 bit

Framing shutters system: 8 bit

Animation wheel : 8 bit

Iris: 8 or 16 bit

Frost: 8 bit

Zoom: 8 or 16 bit

Focus: 8 or 16 bit

Dimmer (Internal 18 bit): 8 or 16 bit

Strobe effect: Variable speed, 20 flashes per second max.

Data in/out: Locking 3-pin & 5-pin XLR, RJ45

Power connection: Neutrik PowerCon (cable supplied)

Built-in analyser for easy fault finding


Rotating Gobos

Outside diameter: 26.9 mm

Image diameter: 22.5 mm

Thickness: 0.25 mm

Max. Thickness: 4.0 mm

Material: High temperature borofloat


Effect Wheel

Aluminium Animation wheel

Can be used alone or in combination with rotating gobos

Rotating in both directions, variable speed


Framing Shutters System

4 Blades, each with separate movement and rotation control

Smooth blade movements, variable speed

Ultra fast blade movement for creating mid-air effects

Pre-programmed shape and blade sequences

+- 45° rotation of the complete Framing system


Thermal Specification

Maximum ambient temperature: 45 °C (104 °F)

Maximum surface temperature: 90 °C (194 °F)


Electrical Specification

Supply input: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz auto-ranging

Power consumption: 550 W max. (Typical 160-215 W - one colour full)


Mechanical Specification

Height: 678 mm (26.7") - head in vertical position

Width: 388 mm (15.3")

Depth: 480 mm (18.9") - head in horizontal position

Weight: 22.7 kg (48.5 lbs)



Mounting points: 2 pairs of 1-turn locks

2x Omega brackets with 1-turn quick locks

Pan and Tilt transport locks

2 Years Std Parts & Labour