Shure TYPE85 Direct Box FET Type85 Countryman

Product Code: SHR-TYPE85

Shure TYPE85 Direct Box FET Type85 Countryman
  • Transparent signal to the mix board with no added noise or distortion
  • Isolates ground buzz between console and amp
  • Low profile, compact form factor
  • Blends in on stage
  • Single-piece extruded case with extra-thick walls
  • Internal electronics are molded in a solid epoxy block and fully protected against electrical damage
  • Input circuit withstands 220V AC, and static spikes up to 20,000 volts
Product Description
Reflecting the ultimate engineering and highest-quality materials,
the Type 85 Direct Box adds nothing and removes nothing from the
instrument’s signal. No distortion. No electronic hum or buzz. No loss
of dynamic range. It’s the only active direct box that delivers such a
clear, strong, warm signal to the console.
Shure Warranty - Two Years