Shure ULXD2/SM58 Wireless Digital Transmiter Handheld (H51: 534-598MHz)

Product Code: SHR-ULXD2S58H51

5 2500 JFPR SHR-ULXD2S58H51

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ULXD2 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 Cardioid Microphone.

Shure ULX-D™ Digital Wireless offers uncompromising audio quality and RF performance, with intelligent, encryption-enabled hardware and advanced rechargeability options for professional sound reinforcement.

A breakthrough in wireless audio quality, Shure digital processing enables ULX-D to deliver the purest reproduction of source material ever available in a wireless system. Extended 20 Hz - 20 KHz frequency range and totally flat response captures every detail with clarity, presence, and incredibly accurate low end and transient response. At greater than 120 dB, ULX-D delivers wide dynamic range for excellent signal-to-noise performance. For added convenience, proprietary Shure Gain Ranging optimizes the system’s dynamic range for any input source, eliminating the need for transmitter gain adjustments.

In RF performance, ULX-D sets the bar for spectral efficiency and signal stability. The intermodulation performance of ULX-D is an incredible advancement in wireless performance, enabling a dramatic increase in the number of simultaneous active transmitters on one TV channel. Rock-solid RF signal with no audio artifacts extends over the entire 100-meter line-of-sight range, even using standard dipole antennas. For applications where secure transmission is required, ULX-D offers Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encrypted signal for unbreachable privacy.

Advanced Lithium-ion rechargeability provides extended transmitter battery life over alkaline batteries, battery life metering in hours and minutes accurate to within 15 minutes, and detailed tracking of battery health status.

Generations ahead of any other available system in its class, ULX-D brings a new level of performance to professional sound reinforcement.
  • Frequency range: 534MHz-598MHz
  • 30Hz to 20kHz range with flat frequency response (actual response is microphone dependent)
  • Interchangeable Shure microphone cartridges, including the legendary SM58
  • AES 256-bit encryption-enabled for applications where secure transmission is needed
  • Proprietary Shure Gain Ranging optimizes the system’s dynamic range for any input source, eliminating the need for transmitter gain adjustments
  • >120 dB dynamic range
  • 1, 10, and 20 mW selectable RF output power (region dependent)
  • 5 segment battery fuel gauge (For non-Shure branded batteries)
  • Shure lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack provides over 12 hours of battery life, precision metering in hours and minutes, and zero memory effect
  • External charging contacts for docked charging (with the SBC200 Dual Docking Charger)
  • Up to 11 hours continuous use with 2 x AA batteries
  • Backlit LCD with easy to navigate menu and controls
  • 100 meter (300 ft.) operating range
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Frequency and power lockout
Transducer Principal Dynamic
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Type/Form Vocal
Shure Warranty - Two Years