Broadcast and Studio

Today's broadcast market is increasingly competitive, diverse and demanding. Broadcasters need to have the right tools on hand to deliver quality content on time and without disruption. Whether you’re in the studio, OB truck, post facility or a journalist on the road, Jands has the technical experience and product range to suit the modern broadcaster’s needs.

Jands provides a diverse range of AV and lighting solutions for broadcasting facilities, such as microphones, in-ear monitoring and communications solutions for sports events such as the NRL, AFL and V8 supercar teams. Our team can assist with engineering challenges including consultation and design, system installation, equipment commissioning and ongoing support.

Jands Venue Engineering are an integral partner when developing niche solutions suitable for major network customers. From manufacturing curtains, designing motorised hoists to green screens, we can find a solution to suit your budget and specific needs.

Sports Comm explained: Gearhouse Broadcast Australia and Shure Andrew Henderson from Gearhouse Broadcast Australia provides an overview of how Shure Axient Digital has been deployed as part of their Sports Comm umpire/referee communication system for the AFL.