Careers At Jands

Jands manufacture and distribute audio, lighting and staging industry products offering many and varied roles to our employees.

People who enter Jands do not necessarily travel down one career path. At Jands there are more career possibilities than one may imagine.

Jands cover manufacturing areas in the audio, lighting and staging industry offering many and varied roles to our employees. The opportunity to transfer within the company is available to people who choose a career with Jands.

The company is focussed on training and retaining staff. We promote internal job opportunities to our staff in order to utilise their knowledge and experience throughout the company.

NO MATTER WHERE YOU START AT JANDS - your role is important.

The company values broad based knowledge gained through entry level roles offered at Jands, as well as the experience you bring from your past positions.

As many Jands team leaders and managers say - it is not where you start out at Jands that matters. What does matter is the belief in our values driven culture and commitment to manufacturing top quality products, supplying audio, lighting and staging equipment and ensuring superior customer service.

Jands offer many points of entry to prospective employees commencing from the apprenticeship.

People are recruited to support our many and varied departments including production, metal and engineering, service, sales and warehouse functions to name a few. Specialists are engaged at all levels and disciplines, including middle level and senior management.

If you are interested in any of the roles below, or would like more information on how to apply, submit your interest here.

Web and Ecommerce Coordinator 
Sales Coordinator 
Talent Acquisition Specialist 
Sales Coordinator 
International Logistics Coordinator 
National Business Development Manager - Broadcast 

Account Development Manager – (SA) 
Account Development Manager - (WA) 
Account Development Manager x 2 - (NSW)  
Account Development Manager - ICT (VIC) 
Lighting Applications Engineer (VIC) 
Assistant Accountant (Temp) 
Junior IT Support Assistant 
Head of Customer Operations
Customer Insights Specialist – Professional Entertainment
Technical Marketing Engineer
Business Development Manager - Hospitality

About Jands

Jands is an Australian owned company founded in 1970. The company manufactures and distributes the world’s most recognised brands of Audio, Lighting and Staging products primarily for the entertainment and exhibition industry.


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