Get more out of your classroom audio visual systems.

Great learning environments start with seamless audio visual, facilitating learning in the classroom and at a distance. With the right technology in place, students and staff can focus on achieving their goals. It’s time to unleash the creativity facilitated by collaboration.

Educational institutions require technology that enables learning at a distance and facilitates an immersive collaborative classroom experience. Whether users bring their own devices and services or benefit from dedicated sound equipment, the classrooms now need to deliver the same high-quality communications experience as high-end theatres and lecture rooms.

Facilitate remote learning with solutions from Biamp and Shure

Immersive & engaging classroom experiences facilitated by the best AV technologies.

Welcome to the modern classroom where collaboration is key to learning outcomes

Biamp Crowd Mics - Empower your audience. Create an extraordinary collaboration experience between presenters and live audiences. Crowd Mics transforms every smartphone and tablet into a personal microphone and interactive response system via a free iOS or Android app, eliminating the need to pass handheld microphones around the room, creating a truly dynamic, audience-centred interactive presentation or event.
Electro-Voice EVID-S surface mount loudspeakers Designed with the contractor in mind, EVID-S series is a cost-effective go-to solution featuring superior audio. Aesthetically discreet, they are compatible with other EVID family members and can be used in broad range of commercial audio applications. The innovative wall-mount system makes installation easy. All models are weather resistant, weatherproof versions are also available.

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