Communication Solutions For Fixed Screen Counters

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Communicate Clearly Through Perspex Safety Screens

It has become increasingly common for noisy, customer facing environments such as supermarket check outs, banks, police stations, service counters and even workplaces to install fixed glass or Perspex screens as a physical barrier to protect both staff and customers. Whilst this barrier helps with security and hygiene, it also means it can be difficult for both parties to hear each other clearly during transactions.

The TalkPerfect DX Speech Enhancement system is designed to improve natural, two-way communication at fixed screen counters by enhancing and correcting speech intelligibility. TalkPerfect actively minimises background noise and reduces acoustic feedback, making it easy to deliver a quality customer service experience with speed and efficiency.

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Introducing The Ampetronic TalkPerfect DX Speech Enhancement System

The TalkPerfect DX Speech Enhancement System features:

• Compact, discreet design that saves counter space and complements any style of interior
• In-built patented technology that actively reduces feedback and echo
• Multiple microphone and speaker options to suit your needs
• Cost-effective and easy to install system, no additional hardware or software required
• Compatible with assistive listening counter hearing loops
• 5-year warranty

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The TalkPerfect DX System can be supplied in 2 Kit options to suit any environment and application

The modular design, contemporary styling and wide range of accessories means the TalkPerfect DX system is always easy to install and never looks out of place, whether it is for a retrofit or new build application. 

AMP-TP-KIT1 is Recommended for optimum audio clarity for both client and staff. This combination is the least likely to suffer from accidental microphone or speaker obstruction. Talkperfect Kit 1 includes: 1 Glass Mount Mic, 1 combi + 1 Pod speaker

AMP-TP-KIT3 allows the optional use of the POD microphone and POD speaker on the client side for aesthetic reasons. Talkperfect Kit 3 includes: 1 Pod Mic, 1 Pod speaker + 1 combi

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TalkPerfect duplex intercom speech transfer applications include:

• Reception desks
• Retail counters and checkout screens
• Banks teller & Post Offices 
• Cash counters
• Prison visitor communication desks
• Security screens
• Police stations
• Petrol stations

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