Corporate Boardroom AV

Your Boardroom has big AV needs. It needs to facilitate effective communication through integrated technology solutions that simplify operations so meetings start on time. Make every second count.

Robust solutions that empower collaboration, communication and create and immersive conference environment where participants are not fighting the technology.

Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom Meetings? We've got the technology partnerships.

Technology agnostic solutions. Dante or AVB. Take your pick.

Secure solutions. Professional grade speech privacy and network encryption to prevent eavesdropping.

Audio for effective meetings. 

Placing the End User
at the heart of collaboration.

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Speech Privacy and Sound Masking.

What Is Speech Privacy? How Can Sound Masking Help? The lack of speech privacy is a major factor in workplace dissatisfaction. Sound masking protects speech privacy and reduces office noise distractions be reducing the intelligibility of human speech. Learn more from Cambridge Sound Management.
Biamp SageVue: Remote management for your rooms. Introducing SageVue™, our browser-based software platform that enables technology managers, integrators, and end users to manage and monitor all Tesira® and Devio® devices connected to a network. With SageVue empowers technology managers to view system status and perform several administrative tasks.
Case Study - Shure MXA910 Microphones for Voice Lift The most critical aspect of a meeting is interaction – the give-and-take between co-workers, students and instructors, board members, etc. While videoconferencing systems are designed to enable interactivity between participants at different locations, their importance to communication between people in the same room is often overlooked. Conventional sound systems enable the audience to hear the presenter or instructor, but they don’t do anything to help audience members to hear each other.

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